Monday, 1 June 2009


June 1st - flaming June and the advent of Summer.

It's been a while since I last posted and much to muse upon this warm, sunny eve:

1. The feverish condemnation and public humiliation of bankers everywhere, once April gave way to May turned into the public hanging of politicians of all colours in the MP's expenses (actually an allowance) scandal. At time of writing, the Chancellor looks to be hanging on to his job by a thread for claiming for service charges on a flat whilst enjoying grace and favour accommodation at No.11. Behind the duck ponds, moats, first home "flipping" and all the other tittle-tattle from this affair, one can but assume it is all but a facade for everyone to hide behind. Times are now tough and people have been caught out - sucked in as they were to the illusion of an endless age of riches. Now someone has to take the flack. But in blaming others for their greed, people avert their eyes from the mirror.

2. Britain's Got Talent has just ended and Big Brother, that ceaseless looking glass into the lives of Z-list Summer-long Celebs starts on Thursday. The former has highlighted real talent, the latter is full of wishful wannabees who can't make the former. Time to turn off that TV - the sun is shining.

3. If the expenses scandal and reality TV has not distracted the population too much they can vote on Thursday in the Euro Elections. There is lots to vote about at the moment, lets hope they do! Much to blog about later this week.

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