Monday, 23 February 2009


Sunday took us to the Westfield Centre - west London's new temple to the Gods of credit and debt. It is at once mighty impressive (and huge) and strangely past its sell by date. Had it opened 5 years ago you would have been wowed; that it opened before Christmas 2008 leaves you somewhat bemused and concerned. As though to underline the peversity, the Dow Jones Index has sunk today to an 11 year low, the FTSE is nearly hitting bottom. Some shops had ashen faced assistants looking more concerned about the date of their impending P45 than how on earth they were ever going to find the time to serve the next customer. If they cannot fill this place on a cold grey Sunday afternoon in February, then what hope a Wednesday morning in May? Anyhow, I took a picture of the incredibly impressive central square - at least it is nice to walk around.........

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