Wednesday, 25 February 2009

An Ash Wednesday crocus

Ash Wednesday - and very nearly March. March means Spring. Spring means sun. Sun means happy days are here again.

If proof were needed that this interminable Winter is soon coming to an end (notwithstanding that most British of threats - "you can get snow at Easter you know?!"), there are at last some crocus in the garden. See above.

Heading to St Ives at the weekend to welcome in March - cannot wait.

I am putting up some pictures of St Ives too today because if anything can cheer me up on a dank Wednesday evening at the end of February, then St Ives surely can - a fantastic place. A couple of pictures from May 2008. Happy days!

As an aside, did pancakes last night with Delia Smith's foolproof pancake recipe on BBC Online. The secret appears to be in the hot butter poured into the mix - nothing sticks at all - they were flippin' marvellous!

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